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Please take 5 minutes to self-assess your mix!

Checklist for KEENAN diet feeder performance

  1. Mix quality

Check that the length of your mix is 4-5 cm. The consistency should be identical between loads

  1. Cow signals

Check that your cows are getting the most from their feed (i.e., lying down and cudding when they are not eating or drinking)

  1. Dung

Check that the dung is firm and forms a thick dome pat. This is a sign of good rumen health. The dung should not be too watery

  1. Feed refusals

Ensure that minimum feed is refused. If there is feed left over, check if it is inconsistent with the original mix (e.g., if there is straw left uneaten, it may mean that the feed was not adequately mixed).

  1. Performance

Are you happy with your Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE)? Our recommended 1.5 FCE minimum target represents 1.5 litres of milk for every 1 kg of feed.


What you need to do next:

If the self-assessment of the mix of your KEENAN diet feeder is not satisfactory, please look at the following factors to ensure that you are receiving the maximum benefits for your farm:

  • Optimal blade and paddle rubber condition and maintenance.
  • Sufficient chamber capacity or are you overloading your diet feeder?
  • Ensure consistency of the mix with the KEENAN controller and InTouch feed management technology.

If you find your mix is sub-optimal following your self-assessment, please contact KEENAN service at +353 (0)59 977 1200 or keenanservice@alltech.com for a maintenance visit, or contact us to get the KEENAN controller retrofitted to your machine to achieve an optimal mix quality and full control over the feeding process.

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