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To achieve the MechFiber mix quality with a machine of any age and avoid downtime, we have put together a checklist to keep your KEENAN in a good condition.

Do you need replacement parts? Does the machine need to be relined? Should you exchange it for a newer model?

By getting your machine checked and serviced regularly, you can ensure reliability and avoid any technical issues. A correctly serviced machine will have a better chopping and mixing performance. This reduces the power requirements and fuel consumption, extends the working life and helps to maintain the value of your machine.

A fully-functioning machine producing a consistent and good-quality daily mix also improves feed intake and rumination and supports the health of the herd. Aside from creating less waste, it improves feed efficiency and increases the output of animals, which results in more milk or beef.

Below is a checklist for keeping your KEENAN in optimum condition:

Weighbox: The weighbox is the brain of the operation. In order to feed the correct amount of ingredients, it needs to be working properly. Start with zeroing the system. Look at the overall condition of the weighbars, cables and sockets and run a test to confirm that everything weighs correctly.

Hitch, chassis and drawbar: Check the condition of the parts, including pivots, springs, U-bolts and pins. Grease all smear points. The newer oil bath models have a greasing manifold that tends to all the inaccessible grease points of the machine’s drive system.

Brakes, tyres and wheels: Check that your brakes are engaging; carefully look at the overall condition of tyres, rims and wheel bearings and check that wheel nuts are tight. Don’t forget to check the tyre pressure.

Driveline: Check all sprockets and bearings and make sure all chains are tensioned correctly to avoid increased wearing. Grease all pivot points and the tensioner mechanism. Refill the oil bath or the automatic oiler, if necessary. Regularly oil the chains to lengthen their working life. (Fitting an automatic oiler or getting a model with an oil bath negates the need for this.)

Hydraulics: Check for leakages and do a test run. The design life of hydraulic hoses depends on the level of usage and wear and tear. They should be checked yearly and replaced about every 10 years.

Mix quality assurance: Check the condition of body blades and paddle rubbers. Replace if necessary — these parts have a significant impact on the mix quality. Also, check the condition of the top knife and the clearance between it and the paddles. If you have a bale handler, check the clearances of moving parts and grease pivot points on each bale handler tine.

Overall machine: Check seals and flighting and grease the VFC-door with a food-grade grease. Check paddles, rotor and tray parts. Ensure the safety of your machine by checking protective devices and guards. Replace a worn PTO cover and make sure it is tied and not spinning freely. For those feeding on an out-farm, check that the lights and indicators are working correctly.

KEENAN makes the reliability of your machine simple. We offer service contracts that are individually tailored to your farm’s needs, with service intervals dependant on the number of daily mixes.

To keep your machine in top condition, avoid downtime and ensure the unique KEENAN quality and consistent mix, give your KEENAN service department a call on +353 599771200 or

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