Regular maintenance of your diet feeder ensures a reliable feeding system

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Tom Fallon from Grange Farm Tullow, Co. Carlow, which is a family run enterprise with a grass-based production system.  Tom finishes heifers, bullocks and dry cows (all continentals) for the meat trade, selling to ABP Food Group and Meadow Meats.

It is crucial to Tom that he has a reliable feeding system on the farm, as he says “it’s essential that we produce a consistent, quality product that grades out well for ABP Food Group and Meadow Meats, and that is why I am now using my second KEENAN mixer wagon, which is a KEENAN MechFiber370.”

The cattle are fed a total mixed ration (TMR) once a day, containing brewer’s grains, fodder beet, silage and minerals.  The cattle are on farm for 70 to 120 days and are all hitting target specification.

New InTouch technology is incorporated onto the wagon, and has brought “huge improvements” on Tom’s farm.

Tom comments “The system ensures that the ration is right every time, providing a consistent diet on a daily basis. If you do feel you need to change the ration, it can be done remotely on the internet, and it’s very easy to operate.”

“In any business you need to know the relationship between inputs and outputs, and beef finishing is no different.   Tom and his employee Denis, who feeds his cattle, can constantly monitor cattle performance and keep a track record on feed conversion and cost per kilo live- weight gains.”

Tom says that he is “obsessive” about keeping the mixer wagon in top condition and stresses the importance of regular servicing. “I feed a large number of cattle on a daily basis with the wagon. It’s very easy to operate and there is very little to go wrong, and all KEENAN owners would I’m sure, agree with this” but, regular servicing is very important.”

He has the wagon booked in for service every eight months, the oil is checked and blades are kept sharp.  “We rely totally on the KEENAN machine, and it’s an integral part of our operation here at Grange Farm, and we can’t afford down time. I would advise any farmer with a KEENAN machine to take advantage of the renowned KEENAN service. After a service, we find the mixer mixes quicker and more efficiently.”

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